The Collective 

Approach to Health

Discover what a caring community can do for you when you are ready to make lasting life changes

Embracing your individuality in healthcare

At Harmony Wellness Collective, we understand that you will come to us from very unique experiences, with your own mindset on the quality of life you are seeking. It is our mission to provide the support and planning for you who are ready to begin changing your life towards something more fulfilling and beautiful

The collective approach to health aims to create a thorough review of your aspirations and history to determine a well rounded treatment plan with anticipated results. This ensures that you can progress towards your goals and to determine if we are the correct solution for you.

During your first appointment, the things that we would like to help you discover where you are in your journey so that you can choose a place to start from. We understand that during times of unease that it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the cause of our concerns which makes the experience seemingly more overwhelming.

Through careful inquiry, we hope to help formulate the questions that will point us in the direction on what are some ways we can move forward, once you know where you want to start. In your first appointment, we will share with you some information about our care providers and how their offerings might assist you. 

Our collective approach offers you access to a team of up to 5 main roles that provide for each person. Each role can be fulfilled by any care provider and may interchange through the process of your unique journey upon request. 

The 5 Roles of the Collective Approach

"Fire" Care Provider - your selected modality as a starting point towards your goals

"Earth" Care Provider- a complement modality that addresses the parallel aspect of your goals


"Crystal" Care Provider - ongoing care modality that is implemented once you begin to maintain your goals

"Water" Care Provider- assistant to the modalities that serve to provide added perspective and insight for you

"Plant" Care Provider - your initial contact for intake and ongoing assistant in treatment planning.


The care providers who fulfill these roles are decided by you. While gaining valuable information about your specific goals we can offer our assistance in selecting ideal combinations of our offerings. After selecting your path that you wish to explore, we will work on creating a realistic plan that can lead towards your main goals.

Part of the intake process involves a review of your case amongst your chosen team. In accordance with the Personal Health Information Privacy Act, we do not disclose any personal health information without your express written consent.

During your first appointment, we explain this process and information in more detail. The benefits of the collective review allows our providers to input their experience and open up ideas to discover the best possible treatment plan for you. Your session is concluded with a first draft of your treatment plan,

A treatment plan includes what modalities will address which goals, the potential pricing of these offers and a realistic time frame to determine if the care provided is effective. Ongoing follow-up and reassessment with your ongoing assistant is a part of the collective approach to ensure that you are receiving what you need to achieve your goals.

This drafted plan is reviewed amongst the collective to to include input from our various experts so that you may gain valuable insight about other paths towards your goals. This reviewed treatment plan is provided in a reasonable amount of time after your first appointment and is referred back to you for your final approval. 


Initial Intake Process 

A 3-step process of history intake, planning, and treatment plan approval  The intake process includes the collective review process, a review of the revised treatment plan, and access to a detailed copy of your treatment plan.

$145 + HST