Dreams and goals; they are an essential part of the human experience. Lifetimes are spent pursuing them, trying to turn them into reality. But along the way, one may face adversity and too often that adversity comes from within. Fear sets in. Doubt. A sense of helplessness may even begin to creep. Life gets out of balance and one’s health suffers.

But what part of one’s health becomes unbalanced or suffers? For some, the answer is physical health, and the desire to feel good while pursuing life. For others, the answer might mean mental wellness. We cannot live our best lives if we haven’t cared for our minds. And yet, there are some who might answer that question by focusing on their spiritual health. But true health, wellness and fulfillment only come when we align the three together.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Through a holistic approach and relying on proven techniques, I want to help you heal and regain your health. I am passionate about helping people rediscover their creativity and dreams and equipping them with the tools they need to self-heal and make them a reality. It all starts with balance.

From energy healing to nutrition counselling, life coaching to holistic therapy and spiritual healing, I’ll help guide & coach you to the harmonious health you deserve, from mind to body to spirit. That journey towards harmony even involves balancing your home. I’ll teach you how to decorate, design, and style a place that is as conducive to your balanced health as any routines you’ll incorporate into your new life.

This is more than self-help. This is a lifestyle and a community. A community on a journey toward health and healing. You have the power to achieve your goals, to create something great. It all starts with healthy balance. Welcome to the beginning of a life with new possibilities. HEAL.CREATE.LIVE. Together, we can do this!




Holistic Services Include

Energy Medicine - Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Jin Shin Do (Bodymind Acupressure), Cranial Sacral Therapy

Life Coaching

Spiritual Counselling

Nutrition Counselling


All Services

New Client-Initial Consultation In Person 60 mins $125

New Client-Initial Consultation for Child 60 mins $80

New Client-Initial Consultation by Distance 60 mins $130

Follow Up Visit 30 mins $60

Follow Up Visit 45 mins $95

Distance Session 30 mins $65

Distance Session 45 mins $100



Interior Decorating & Feng Shui – Rates available upon request

Essential Oil Training – Rates available upon request

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