Sara Kuz Human Design Consultant and Energy Therapist

Rebuilding pathways to life

One day, when Sara opened her eyes, Human Design showed up!


She wasn’t looking for a change in career, she wasn’t looking for anything new in particular, but when Human Design presented, her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to dive in!

Her first introduction to the Reba Device, used to evaluate energy levels and identify unconscious issues, was eye opening. In her own words, the reading was surprising, humbling and full of truth.This opened the door to her experiment with Human Design and witnessing the human experience through a different lens. 


When she began working with the device and seeing results in her patients' experience, she knew it was something she wanted to learn and share with the world. 

With an educational background in Mathematics and French from University of Winnipeg, she has a strong grasp of finding patterns and being able to translate them. She pairs that, like a fine wine, with her service industry experience, observing people in their environment This allows her to understand and communicate the beauty and dimension of Human Design, applying this knowledge and experience in her consultations.


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What is Human Design?

It’s an experiment into our nature. A combination of quantum physics, genetics, astrology, I Ching philosophy, Hindu-Brahmin chakras and Hebrew Kabbalah.

We all have a design, type, strategy & authority that we are potentially unaware of. Through Experiment, we can learn of them and how to use them properly  which can help us reduce the resistance we experience in our life.

Psychosomatic Energy Therapy & the REBA Device

Psychosomatic energetics is the study of the mind-body energetic connection.


Using the Reba device, Sara is able to perform a baseline 'auric' evaluation on 4 different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The device is able to determine these measurements by increasing brainwave frequency and muscle-testing for the body's tolerance level. Testing identifies emotional conflicts and energetic organ imbalances, and is followed with treatment from a system of remedies designed to help dissolve identified conflicts, leading to both energetic and physical results.  


Combine a Human Design reading and a Reba test to benefit by first identifying what is unconsciously present in your energy field, and then using that awareness to understand why these imbalances exist and what you can start doing right now to move through them.

Booking your first appointment?

Introduction to Human Design

This session reviews your type, strategy, authority & centres, along with providing a journal & tools to help guide you, the new experimenter, on your new quest. 

90 Min

Want the full experience?

Psychosomatic Energy Assessment and Introduction to Human Design

A combination of the Psychosomatic Energy Assessment and an Intro to Human Design.

2.5 Hours

Psychosomatic Energy Assessment


An quantified evaluation of your:

  • baseline energetic levels(vital, emotional, mental, and causal)

  • active emotional conflict and its size

  • energetic imbalances related to life force, cell efficiency, body organs and systems

60 Min

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