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Food for healing / Reflexology / Chakra Balance

A specialty modality focused to help you reduce stress, strengthen gut health and/or improve skin.  Coaching packages work to first identify health imbalances,and a realistic plan of action to support healing to move towards more optimal, holistic health. using whole food as medicine, herbs and supplements; this is sacred to optimal, holistic health.


Evi Spilios also known online as OMsGurl is a sacred whole food nutritionist, graduate of CSNN. She is a certified yoga teacher hatha level I, certified to do bodywork/massage, reflexologist and additionally does intuitive energy work, and has her reiki level II.


Sacred Whole Food Nutrition

sacred whole food nutrition is here to shed light on the foundation of how food can be your medicine.

Diet, supplementation, and herbs can help heal imbalances from the root cause. Mindfulness practices complementary tools for lasting transformation. Some areas we can focus on: strengthen digestive and immune systems, eliminate bloating, better deeper sleep, reduce inflammation, lessen or alleviate allergies, clearer brighter skin and manage stress. find out all about sacred whole food nutrition here


Intro Coaching Package- if you have an idea of what sacred nutrition can be about and wish to have refined guidance in their journey with support and supplement suggestions


Comprehensive Coaching Package- if you are brand new to developing a healthy lifestyle and want ongoing support with a comprehensive plan to follow.


Holistic Bodywork

What are Chakra Alignments?
Aligning of chakras provide the means by which you can achieve overall balance in your life.
Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life energy also known as prana or chi to flow into and out of our full energy body/aura. They are associated with our physical, mental, and emotional interactions. There are seven major chakras.

What is Hatha Yoga?
Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga, translated as “sun” and “moon.” This refers to the balance of masculine aspects—active, hot, sun—and feminine aspects—receptive, cool, moon—within all of us. Hatha yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites. In India, haṭha yoga is associated in popular tradition with the Yogis of the Natha Sampradaya through its traditional founder Matsyendranath.

Not sure what to try? check out: 

Mini all Encompassing -

all in one treatment that is affordable, and easy to fit in;
45mins in total length. Excellent for self care, and finding the right modality that works best.


meet & greet

30 min


mini all encompassing

Includes Reflexology, Relaxation Massage and intuitive energy

This is an opportunity to see what of the three offerings the client prefers, or to get to experience all three in a shorter treatment for self care. Starts and ends with intuitive energy work and reiki. Relaxation massage focuses on relaxing the muscles and reducing tension in the areas of the back, shoulders, neck, head with simple compressions the rest of the body. Hand or shortened foot reflexology included.

45 min


full holistic
This offering is 75mins in length, it is a combination of starting and ending with intuitive energy work, relaxation massage (mainly swedish massage techniques) on the whole body, foot reflexology; a full combination. Set out to give a deep sense of holistic rebalancing for pure blissful self care.

70 min


Reflexology (hand or feet)
Reflexology is a branch of TCM that works on the reflexes on the hands or feet. These reflexes connect via the meridians (energy pathways) to support all bodily systems, particularly and including the nervous system 1 to move into a healing state of rest, and restore.

30 min


Chakra Alignment

This offering begins and ends with intuitive energy work, and some light reiki. Using crystals to enhance the balancing of one's energy centers (chakras:
Ayurvedic and yoga philosophy). Includes relaxing swedish massage techniques on the whole body.


Starts supine and ends prone position on the massage table.

60 min


relax and restore body work

Relaxation massage on the whole body, using mainly swedish massage techniques.

60 min


comprehhensive individual package-sacred whole food nutrition

Includes: Taking the time for the client prior to session one, to fill out a comprehensive
questionnaire based on eating habits, lifestyle, background and level of commitment.

1st and 2nd Coaching sessions: 60mins in length each. Session one scheduled at least a week
after the questionnaire is filled out.

3-5th session: 35-45mins in length supporting any challenges or questions that come up that
need further exploration.

6-8th session: 30-35 in length to continue to support progress.

Includes: 2 week food plan and supplement recommendations

8 sessions


intro individual package -

sacred whole food nutrition

1st Coaching Session: This is 60 mins in length; scheduled at least a week after the questionnaire is filled out. First session is to address findings from questionnaire, and identify a plan of action.

2 & 3rd coaching session: 30-40 mins in length to discuss process from 1st session, challenges,victories and the best way I can support your progress towards more optimal health.


Additionally: Includes 1 week food plan. Remaining true to using the sacred whole food nutrition plan, but varies for each individual taste, preferences, and sensitivities.

- - - - - - - -

Individual Package 1:

Same as intro individual package 3 sessions; however with 2 week food plan, and supplement recommendations. Cost: $350

3 session


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