Registered Massage Therapy

Same day appointment / acute discomfort / over-the-weekend pains

Who needs to wait for relief from discomfort?


Which is why Harmony Wellness Collective  is proud to offer Kitchener-Waterloo Region a brand new program of providing Registered Massage Therapy for people in need. 

We understand that it can be frustrating when its impossible to book an appointment sooner and the pain is becoming unbearable! 

Or how difficult it is when you've been looking forward to your massage only to find out last minute that it has to be cancelled for whatever reason!

If you're in pain now and need someone to help, we're here for you.


We aim to assure that we are able to schedule you into an appointment within 24 hours or less of your inquiry.  Don't let discomfort keep you from living the life you want.

Our massage therapy services can be billable to extended health benefits and are an excellent choice for high quality specific care that is tailored to your individual needs. Each treatment comes with clinical assessments and reassessments to help you better experience your healing process.

Modalities Included-

-Therapeutic Exercise
-KT Taping

-Joint Alignment

-Swedish Massage

Rescue Massage Care
- Assessment, Treatment, Reassessment

50 min


Our Parking Lot is accessible via driveway from Ahren's Street -or- 2 driveways north of the collective from Victoria St North.

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