Registered Massage Therapy

Expert care for physical discomfort, Treatment Planning, and mind/body realignment in

downtown kitchener

A Registered Massage Therapist is a primary healthcare provider within Ontario who can offer effective prevention and management of discomfort and stress

through treatment of muscles, soft tissue, and joints.

  • Injury Recovery

  • Workplace Discomfort

  • Post Surgery

  • Postural Rehabilitation

  • Hand or Foot Bath

  • Steam Facial Treatment

  • Stress management

  • Treatment Planning and Therapeutic Exercise

  • Same Day Booking

  • acute pain and discomfort

  • "Over the weekend" injuries

  • Post Travel de-stress

Massage Therapy has been shown to help

 with these symptoms:

-Aching Body
-Tension in movement
-Soreness in muscles
-Burning/Sharp discomfort
-Restriction in movement

-Muscle Strains
-Joint Strains

-Post Surgery discomfort

- ongoing stress



-postural pain


Modalities We Offer

-  Hydrotherapy 

- Joint Mobilization

-Nervous system restoration

(Neurogenic inhibition, neuromuscular techniques)
-KT Taping
- Passive Stretching

-Myo-Fascial Release
- TriggerPoint Release
- Scar Tissue Friction
- Parafin Wax Therapy
- Swedish Massage
-Therapeutic Exercise

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Our Parking Lot is accessible via driveway from Ahren's Street -or- 2 driveways north of the collective from Victoria St North.

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