Registered Massage Therapy

Expert care for physical discomfort, Treatment Planning, and mind/body realignment in

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Our therapists love to help people with

  • Same Day Booking

  • acute pain and discomfort

  • "Over the weekend" injuries

  • Post Travel de-stress

  • Hand or Foot Bath

  • Steam Facial Treatment

  • Stress management

  • Treatment Planning and Therapeutic Exercise

  • Injury Recovery

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Workplace Discomfort

  • Post Surgery

  • Postural Rehabilitation

A Registered Massage Therapist is a primary healthcare provider within Ontario who can offer effective prevention and management of discomfort and stress

through treatment of muscles, soft tissue, and joints.


Massage Therapy may help with these symptoms:

-Aching Body
-Tension in movement
-Soreness in muscles
-Burning/Sharp discomfort
-Restriction in movement

-Muscle Strains
-Joint Strains

-Post Surgery discomfort


Modalities We Offer

- Contrast Hydrotherapy 

- Joint Mobilization

-Nervous system restoration

(PNF, Neurogenic inhibition)
-KT Taping
- Passive Stretching

-Myo-Fascial Release
- TriggerPoint Release
- Scar Tissue Friction
- Parafin Wax Therapy
- Swedish Massage
-Therapeutic Exercise
- Qigong and Tai Chi 





Registered Massage Therapy in Ontario is a regulated Healthcare Profession which ensures you

the highest standards of treatment approach.

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