Realignment Treatments

A gentle, focused, and refined form of massage therapy

Mara Santo Domingo RMT

"One of the strengths of Massage Therapy lies in the fact that massage therapists spend more time with clients/patients than do most other healthcare practitioners. This abundance of clinical time allows (the massage therapist) to gather information from the client that is necessary to create an appropriate treatment. The therapist can explain (to the client) about their condition, what will happen during the massage treatment, and what (the client) can do after the treatment to encourage the healing process" 
                                                                                    Excerpt from "Clinical Massage Therapy" 

                                                                                                                                      by   F. Rattray/L.Ludwig 

Realignment Treatments are based on the principles stated in the quote above. An emphasis on understanding individual needs, safe/ appropriate solutions, and education for ongoing care forms the core that drives this approach of treatment.  Techniques are refined around an in-depth and critical understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as mechanisms of injury to provide relief from ongoing discomfort using indirect and less painful approach. Realignment Treatments include these massage therapy modalities-

-Therapeutic Exercise (develops healthy habits for pain free body mechanics)

-Connective Fascia Realignment (engages circulatory systems to assist natural body functions)-

-KT Taping (supports physical movement and mechanics for injury recovery)

-Deep Tendon Reflex Release points (supports rest and digest nervous system)

-Neuromuscular techniques (determines and treats structural imbalances)

-integral muscle approximation (release muscle spasms and holding patterns)

-Postural Realignment through joint mobilization (for relief from ongoing discomfort)

-Postural Realignment through Therapeutic Stretch (to assist with physical performance)

Our comprehensive visit offers designated time so that all your questions may be asked and answered which is valuable in finding possible treatment plans.

This consists of history intake regarding your concerns, followed by a series of clinical assessments to help narrow down the possible root causes. The results of the assessments are discussed in session so that you has the chance to understand how the treatments can unfold. A plan is then discussed and reviewed before seeking your approval to proceed with the treatment. During the first visit a treatment may take up a majority of the session, however there is dedicated time after the treatment to discuss the results with you to understand the appropriate steps ahead.

Treatments include a selection of refined modalities that work with the body's natural systems of engaging and disengaging tension and discomfort through gentle movement, connective tissue realignment, and deep tissue massage. 

Following a treatment plan, you have access to focused treatments (30 min) for specific areas that work towards a larger outcome. 

With each individual concern being unique, treatment plans are also complemented with available resources such as personalized therapeutic exercise programs and online email support.


Comprehensive Visit/ Realignment

2 HR


Benefits Care Planning

30 min


Rescue Massage Care

50 min