Realignment Treatments

A gentle, focused, and refined form of massage therapy

The Realignment Treatment Program is a unique innovation that is intended to help you reach the quality of wellness you desire. It offers a connection between practitioners and their patients by re-modelling how treatments can be available. This gives you the opportunity to be given greater access to the treatments offered.

appointments are generally available within 24 hours notice of your inquiry  but can be arranged through a phone call if you require more urgent timing.

On your first visit, there is designated time so that all your questions may be asked and answered which is valuable in determining possible treatment plans.

The first visit consists of history intake regarding your concerns, followed by a series of clinical assessments to help narrow down the possible root causes. The results of the assessments are discussed in session so that you has the chance to understand how the treatments can unfold. A plan is then discussed and reviewed before seeking your approval to proceed with the treatment. During the first visit a treatment may take up a majority of the session, however there is dedicated time after the treatment to discuss the results with you to understand the appropriate steps ahead.

Treatments include a selection of refined modalities that work with the body's natural systems of engaging and disengaging tension and discomfort through gentle movement, connective tissue realignment, and deep tissue massage. 

Following a treatment plan, you have access to treatments that focus on specific areas towards a larger outcome. 

With each individual concern being unique, treatment plans are also complemented with available resources such as personalized therapeutic exercise programs and online email support.


Initial Visit/Comprehensive Realignment

2 HR


On-Going Care

30 min


Rescue Massage Care

50 min


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