Serenity / Peace / Vitality

The Art of Breathing

Sharper Minds. Greater Ideas​

Discover how Qigong Meditation can help to manage stress levels, cultivate mental clarity, and nurture well being for personal and group development


What Can Qigong Do For You?

Mental Clarity
Stress Management
Inner Calm


Promote Well-being



Why Practice?

Light, slow moving activity is perfect for recovery from both injury and physical training

Precise movement and intentional concentration helps to improve co-ordination and balance

Meditation helps to integrate learning experiences

Mental clarity leads to fresh ideas and desirable actions

"The more you relax, the less you fear.

The less you fear, the more you relax.

This is the nature of progress"

- Professor Cheng Man Ching

from the book "There Are No Secrets" by Wolfe Lowenthal

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