Smart Therapy

Rebecca Steele

My belief is that insight and self-understanding are crucial components to living a meaningful, fulfilling, and rich life.​ I call my approach to therapy smart therapy: insight-driven depth therapy. 

I specialize in using depth-psychotherapy approaches to assist individuals in healing. My use of depth- psychotherapy is a compassionate approach that includes deep-exploration of unconscious aspects, working toward self-insight, and self-compassion; I aim to create a warm environment for you to be able to explore your thoughts and feelings freely, while also using evidence-based therapeutic methods to work towards healing and relief of symptoms. 


My approach is intended to help you understand yourself, make change in your life that you find both meaningful and significant, and heal from experiences that are impacting you.


Each session will involve an insight-driven approach in order to enhance understanding of yourself, your patterns, your feelings, your behaviours, and reactions in life. This approach assists with making mental, emotional, and behavioural shifts.


During each session, a mindful therapeutic approach will be used, which includes the encouragement of nonjudgmental awareness and acceptance of yourself.


My qualifications include that I am both a Registered Social Worker (RSW) as well as a Registered Psychotherapist (RP). I have studied Psychotherapy, Psychology, and Social Work; I have two masters-level counselling degrees: a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree as well as a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy, both from Wilfrid Laurier University. I have been honoured to work with individuals who experience overwhelming mood, anxiety, depression, existential concerns, trauma, behavioural concerns, addiction, personality disorders, relationship concerns, and those looking for support with emotion management.


​I can work with you to...


Recover from grief and loss


Calm and soothe anxiety


Work towards feelings of wholeness


Navigate life change or transitions


Heal emotional distress


Conquer unwanted behaviours


Explore the existential aspects of life


Shift your expression of anger


Process and heal from trauma


Add new layers of self awareness


What Makes Smart Therapy Smart

Insight. Insight is an intelligent force. Smart Therapy is focused on achieving insight which can lead to profound healing. I have a professional interest and focus on finding insight regarding you and your experiences. “Smart” also refers to the reality that deep down, each person has their own particular insights and wisdom, and that is something that is also drawn out in Smart Therapy. Tapping into this is empowering and can give you the ability to deal with anything that comes your way in life.

Depth. A depth- therapy approach means that the healing treatment is intended to be thorough; it is really interested in bringing unconscious factors to light to help facilitate profound shifts.

I am a depth- psychotherapist who uses the following approaches :

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Cognitive Therapy: Identifying and shifting unhelpful cognitive patterns, looks at the role your thinking and belief systems have on your life. Using a depth- therapy approach, we will identify and explore your core beliefs and worldviews, and consider them from a historical perspective.

Psychodynamic Therapy: Incorporates the approaches of Freud, Jung, and their followers. Looks deep into one's psyche and identifies the unconscious and root causes of an ongoing condition or situation. Considers the role of early childhood dynamics and its impact on adult life. Identifies historical patterns occurring in your life, what brought them about, and how to shift them.

Jungian Approaches: Includes exploration of the meaning of dreams. Looks at the unconscious in terms of the shadow and how it may be manifesting in either your conscious life or dream life. Exploration of personality and archetypes that may be surfacing for you will be considered. This approach focuses on bringing unconscious factors to light to support personal healing. Art therapy and clinical counselling hypnotherapy are optional psychotherapeutic exercises stemming from a Jungian approach.

Emotion- Focused Therapy: Enhances your emotional intelligence, which can help you in: problem solving, managing behaviour, and working through emotions or intense states. This approach is helpful in getting at a deeper level of self connection and helps develop a greater felt sense of wholeness within oneself.Emotion- focused therapy is an evidence-based approach used in both individual therapy and couples therapy. In couples therapy the approach is focused on creating a stronger sense of connection and bonding.

The office location is on the edge of downtown Kitchener. The counselling room was designed with the intention of assisting with relaxation and comfort during your counselling experience; you will likely find yourself at ease in this therapeutic environment.



50 min