Natasja Payne (Yoga Instructor)

Inspired living, being and action!

"Namaste, I’m Natasja!

I am a registered revolutionary yoga and meditation teacher, Jyotish astrologer, and spiritual life coach."

Born in the Netherlands, Natasja was encouraged to explore spirituality and was introduced to the philosophies of yoga and meditation at a young age. She found peace through dance, movement and other creative outlets. After emigrating to Canada at 19, she sought to further expand her love of movement and began her teaching career with Goodlife Fitness, becoming an award winning instructor. Through teaching, she was able to recognize her passion to inspire others to transform their bodies and enjoy more self-confidence, energy, and zest for life; she was drawn to the practice of yoga and loved the feelings of balance and clarity gained with each passing class.

"True happiness is found only in the relationship you foster with your own heart and the hearts of others."

It was the devastating loss of her sister in 2002 that really ignited her journey of self-discovery, self-realization, and self-actualization. Through despair she was able to move into a deep spiritual awakening and she is thankful to her sister for that amazing gift – it lead her to complete her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with well-known yoga teacher; Shiva Rea, and to open Fusionmovement Yoga Studio in the summer of 2009.

Through her awakening, she has learned that the physical aspect of yoga is just the doorway – the most significant impact yoga has is on the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of a person. The word “yoga” means to unite; to unite our body, mind and spirit. She feels it is her service to humanity to allow each person to come into complete alignment with who they truly are, to allow each person to fill material voids with real purpose and to return to mindful, heart-centred living.

To do this, she feels a duty to herself and her students to continuously learn and evolve her teachings. She completed her training at the school of Kripalu and is now a certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner. This was followed by a month in the Himalayas studying Jyotish Vedic Astrology last year with master teacher Anand Mehrotra at the Sattva Yoga Academy. She has plans to do more intensive training as time continues.

Over the years she has lead several international yoga retreats in Costa Rica, presented at the International Toronto Yoga Conference and at the World Fitness Expo in Toronto and is always honoured to teach at local schools, businesses and community events.


Yoga is for everyone and for every body! She takes pride in her ability to teach the same class at multiple levels so that every student feels safe and balanced in mind, body, and spirit. She teaches lively, passionate, and dynamic yoga classes and loves to interweave little pearls of wisdom to create a little magic.

The vinyasa flow classes begin with grounding movement meditation and breathing (pranayama) practices. Each class has a different theme and/or peak pose, and movements are sequenced so that the body and mind are completely prepared to move into the peak pose. During in-person classes, hands-on-enhancements are provided throughout the class so that students can experience a deeper embodiment of the pose. She ends with a 10-minute shavasana and/or meditation and loves to leave each student an oracle card to read at the end of their practice.

The therapeutic yoga classes are very gentle and restorative in nature. She loves to use essential oils and therapeutic touch to create a nourishing experience for each student. The classes incorporate breathing (pranayama) practices, mudras (sacred hand gestures), and/or myofascial release techniques.

Music is an important component to all classes. To her, music is like adding spice to food, therefore creating a richer and deeper experience of the yoga practice.


Tuesday - 9:30 - 10:45 am

Flow Himalayan Kriya Journey

Wednesday - 10:00 - 11:00 am

Meditation Journey


Flow Himalayan Kriya Journey:

A beautiful and powerful yoga class that includes Himalayan tantric practices of Kriya Yoga, Pranayama, Mudras, Mantras and postures creating a powerful opportunity for evolution, transformation and personal growth. If you are interested in evolution and living a life in the high values of love, peace, unity, compassion and kindness then this a perfect class that will work on all the layers of Self. The physical mental, energetic and spiritual bodies. This class is for all levels.

Meditation Journey:

A beautiful meditation that begins with centering breathing and kriya practices that include mudras and mantras. The meditation will end with a 20 -25 mins Japa meditation. Each class will have a different focus and intention. Those who are new or somewhat new to meditation will find this class extremely beneficial as it will teach you how to master your mind and gain greater access to your inner awareness / consciousness.

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Flow Himalayan Kriya Journey


Meditation Journey