Mara Santo Domingo RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)

Body Restoration and Realignment

"The source of all movement begins from the unmoveable.” ~ I Ching

Mara's journey into healing was inspired by a deep calling to provide compassionate care. What started as a path of self exploration in Qigong eventually branched out into learning about the mysteries of the human experience.


A passion of constant innovation and hospitality came from Mara's roots as a chef. This was integrated with a curiosity about the self healing abilities that the body possesses and the ways that the body can be fully utilized. 

The start of this path was initiated in the world of physical fitness and personal training where Mara applied the mindset of competitive and functional movement.

Mara graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy that led to a healing career as a Massage Therapist which began in sports medicine. During his first years of practice, he participated in numerous sporting events as a club therapist and personal therapist for athletes and was actively involved in competitive tennis and peak performance training.

As his craft evolved, Mara witnessed that integrative clinical assessments and progressive treatment planning brings increased knowledge of the mechanics of the injury, leading to a better understanding of possible root causes. With this foundation, he is able to utilize the relationships between nerve function, the physical experience, and behavioural patterns in posture and mechanisms.


In 2019, Mara was invited to be a part of Harmony Wellness Collective where he established innovative services as a Registered Massage Therapist, and a Healthcare Community Advisor, assisting in organizing The Collective Approach to Health which aims to provide effective referrals and ongoing care for patients.


Since then, Mara has continued to seek and understand the many layers of the physical experience and how each layer is connected to one big picture.

Mara Santo Domingo is registered and in good standing with:



Monday-Saturday   1130 am to 7 pm



Therapeutic Exercise
​develops healthy habits for pain free body mechanics

Connective Fascia Realignment 
engages circulatory systems to assist natural body functions

KT Taping 
supports physical movement and mechanics for injury recovery

Deep Tendon Reflex Release Points 
supports the "rest and digest" nervous system

Neuromuscular Techniques 
determines and treats structural imbalances

Integrative Muscle Approximation 

release muscle spasms and holding patterns

Postural Realignment through Joint Mobilization 
for relief from ongoing discomfort

Postural Realignment through Therapeutic Stretch 

to assist with physical function and performance


Pricing and Schedule


For returning patients

Booking your first appointment?

Initial Appointment and Treatment Plan

The way that a person’s story unfolds guides us to the right holistic approach to their wellness.

Initial treatments include a sufficient portion of time to express concerns, talk about the history of your experiences and for the Mara to ask the necessary questions to ensure the full understanding needed to create a dynamic and effective healing plan for the client.


120 minutes
$210 + hst

Comprehensive Rhythm Realignment

A growth opportunity for the curious at heart.

This treatment will assist with developing an understanding of your personal natural rhythm and help to bring you into alignment with the universal rhythm.

75 minutes
$110 + hst

Rescue Massage Care

We believe that living in pain is an unnecessary discomfort, and one that can be helped! Mara offers same day bookings to address acute pain and discomfort. This is a 45 minute appointment where he is able to assess your injury and begin providing relief using massage therapy techniques.


If you're in pain now and need someone to help, we're here for you.

45 minutes
$80 + hst

What to expect from your treatment


Treatments are provided in a fully clothed state (please dress comfortably), and typically begin in the face down position to provide your body with an opportunity to fall into passive mode.  Mara will review the restrictions that your body has to share to ensure the agreed upon treatment plan is aligned to meet your needs. After the necessary areas have been treated, patients are assisted in shifting to laying face up, and the treatment continues. At the end of your treatment, a reassessment will be completed and future steps are considered including number of treatments and frequency.


Our Parking Lot is accessible via driveway from Ahren's Street -or- 2 driveways north of the collective from Victoria St North.

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