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With a rich history in expressive arts, Izabela Lizon joins the collective to share her knowledge and offerings in numerous ways!


Izabela was born with a deep love for nature and beauty. The medium of 'clay' invited her to explore when she was a little girl, when she found clay from the local brick factory on the river shore. There she spent hours playing with it and making mud chocolates decorated with leaves, seeds and flowers, forgetting about the rest of the world!


This early experience opened her up to the sensual feeling of clay and limitless possibilities of artistic expression. As a teenager she decided to obtain a formal Pottery education by attending Visual Arts High School in Nowy Wisnicz, a town in her home country of Poland. She continued with her Visual Art studies at the Silesian University in Cieszyn, Poland where she obtained a degree in Masters of Visual Art. As an artist, Izabela uses media such as photography, acrylic paint, clay and watercolour.

Upon coming to Canada, Izabela shared her time between tending to her family and mothering 3 children, working as a High School Art teacher and pursuing her passions. These included: observing human behaviour, pottery, art, cooking and gardening. In her own journey towards health she discovered and tried many modalities such as art therapy, qigong, meditation, energy therapy, hypnosis and human design. The effects of daily meditation and working with clay as well as using her own strategy and authority that she learned from Human Design inspired her to share these tools with others. Discovering through Human Design that her own type is a Projector she also realized that her innate gifts are for the benefit of guiding others.

Tangible Transformations, the business name encompassing all that Izabela has to offer, refers to the real changes that we can experience in our bodies. We are energy beings and by learning and listening to the subtle changes we can experience the physical sensations of emotion, our own thoughts and hormonal releases that follow them. Through the outer senses of touch and vision, the creation of art  brings us back into our bodies and physical experience.


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Human Design Consultations

to help you align your energy with the intent to make better decisions

Expressive Art

sessions to connect to your subconscious mind and use image as a guide to a transformation

Art and Pottery

open up your creativity and free your inner child

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Human Design

The initial session assists in learning about your unique energy system and how to navigate the world, true to yourself with the help of: visual aids, keynote write up, not- self questions and affirmations.

90 Minutes

Private Pottery Lessons (mini course)

In this 1:1 pottery course lessons are fully individualized to suit your needs and allow you the choice of pottery wheel, handbuilding or sculpture with the inclusion of all materials and equipment costs. 

5x 120 Minutes

*semi private lessons (1:2) available at $350/person


Expressive Art

After the areas of need are identified, you are guided to a deeply relaxed state in which you create an art expression with the use of materials of your choice to help guide you towards your goals.

90 Minutes

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