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Juliana is a Nutritionist and Mind-Body Weight Release Expert, University-trained with a Masters degree in Science, and certified as a Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She fell in love with nutrition back in 2005, making it her career and hobby. She is passionate about bridging the gap between evidence-based science and alternative modalities, which later led her to become a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner, a modality focused on emotional wellness and stress management.


Juliana’s story is filled with ups and downs, as she navigated a degenerative spinal condition, weight fluctuations, chronic fatigue and history of migraines, but she never lost hope! Today, her vibrant health and upbeat mindset are proof that no matter what cards you were dealt, we can all transform our lives.


She focuses primarily on weight release journeys – a new way to look at long-term weight loss, natural hormonal balance, stress and anxiety management and healthy eating programs for those ready for change. She uses real food as her primary tool of care, but also offers professional supplements as needed, via an online dispensary. Functional diagnostic testing is also available, including:

·        Hormonal testing

·        Food Sensitivity testing

·        Leaky Gut markers testing

·        Metabolic Assessment

·        Pathogens testing 


Meet and Greet
Curious to know how I can help you achieve your health and weight release goals? Please schedule a complimentary, no-obligation chat with me! This is a chance for us to get to know each other so we can determine if we are a fit!

20 Min


Initial Nutrition and Wellness Visit

Comprehensive assessment of your nutrition and wellness needs, followed by initial recommendations to get you started on your weight release journey. Please note, Weight Release Packages are available to qualifying clients after Initial session.

90 min


Nutrition Follow-up Bundle (3 sessions)

Available to current clients only. If you are a new client, please schedule an Initial Holistic Nutrition Visit (above) prior to this session.

60 Min x 3


Weight Release Program 
A fully customizable program to help you release excess weight, balance hormones naturally, improve sleep patters, energy levels and more. We offer a root-cause investigative approach to wellness, where you will learn to eat for your body's needs, helping you transform how you look at food and feel about your body.

Various Options

Emotional Wellness with Bach Flower Essences

Initial Bach Flower Essences Session

90 Min


Bach Flower Essences Bundle

60 min x 3


Bach Flowers is a holistic modality, comprised of 38 different remedies, discovered by a Medical Doctor, Dr. Bach, in the 1930s to help individuals manage their emotions in a natural and approachable way. Dr. Bach understood, even after all his medical training, that our physical body and emotional body cannot be seen as separate entities when in a search for balance and wellness. His remedies are a safe and effective way to peel the "onion layers" to help individuals find inner peace and achieve remarkable results. From managing anger, to grief, sadness, overwhelm, and fears, Bach Remedies have helped many achieve emotional balance.

Find more about bach flower essences here

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