Registered Massage Therapy

A natural way of body restoration

Massage Therapists can play a key role in your primary healthcare team! Their knowledge and expertise is supportive in reducing pain, managing stress and anxiety, and keeping your body in alignment with its most natural state.  It may assist with increasing your rate of recovery, and enhance your ability to move!  Whether it be for a sports injury or a simple relaxation massage, they will ultimately empower you to take control of your own personal health.


A physicians referral for massage therapy is not required.  Insurance companies offering extended health care benefits may or may not request a doctor’s referral to cover massage fees. Each treatment comes with a clinical assessment and reassessment to provide you with the safest and best possible treatment.


Massage Therapy has been shown to help with the following symptoms:

  • Ongoing stress and Anxiety

  • Restriction in movement

  • Soreness in muscles

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Postural pain

  • Circulation

  • Swelling

  • Aching Body

  • Tension in movement

  • Numbness

  • Burning/Sharp discomfort

  • Headaches

  • Muscle Strains

  • Joint Sprains

  • Post Surgery discomfort

  • Sports injuries

Fees and Payment


Appointments range in price from $75 for  45 minutes up to $210 for 120  minutes. Initial appointments are required to ensure we have an adequate understanding patient history, understanding of patient's current experience and a treatment plan formed.

Payment is accepted via E-transfer or Cheque

Cancellations: We understand that life can happen in unexpected ways.  If you are unable to make your appointment we ask that you let us know so we can reschedule your appointment at your best convenience. For notice received with less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, 50% fee applies. If no notice is received for rescheduling your appointment, it is considered "no show" and a full fee applies towards the missed appointment before rescheduling can be made available.

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Our Massage Therapists are registered and in good standing with:

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Ready for a Massage at Harmony Wellness Collective

Comprehensive Realignment Treatment

Initial Assessment and Treatment Planning

Your story is important to us, it guides us to the right holistic approach for your wellness! Initial treatment includes a sufficient portion of time to express your concerns, talk about your experiences and time for the necessary questions to be asked to ensure the full understanding needed to create a dynamic and effective healing plan, specifically for YOU!

120 minute

On-going Care
A growth opportunity for the curious at heart. We give space for your body to share the story of your experience, and listen with intent for direction on where it is you are meant to grow!


This treatment will assist with developing an understanding of your personal natural rhythm and help to bring you into alignment with the universal rhythm.

75 minute

Prevention and On-going Care

Massage Therapy is helpful for identifying approaches which can prevent possible injuries, aggravation of pain, manage on-going discomfort, and is a useful way for relieving stress and anxiety.

Rescue Massage Care

Ouch!!! Ahhhh… how did I do that! My neck! My hip! My back! My ?!


Recognize any of these?? Let Harmony give you a hand!


We believe that living in pain is an unnecessary discomfort, and one that can be helped! Mara offers same day bookings to address acute pain and discomfort. This is a 45 minute appointment where he is able to assess your injury and begin providing relief using massage therapy techniques.

45 minute