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"I have received a few Intuitive Reiki sessions from Tasha Allain and can’t seem to get enough! She has a natural ability to blend a beautiful feminine softness with a powerful presence, offering a wonderfully balanced energy.


I have always left her sessions feeling like everything I needed to shed was pulled out of my energy field but in the gentlest possible way, leaving me feeling lighter and more energized.

I highly recommend Tasha, especially for those who are working towards awakening their feminine power within."

Maya A

"Harmony Wellness Collective is one of my top my go-to self-care spaces in KW.

The new space is gorgeous and totally zen. The treatment room was beautiful and my experiences have been top notch. I'm looking forward to further exploring the variety of services they offer."


Christine P

"Very relaxing and soothing atmosphere! Great location in Kitchener, easy to find and parking is available."

Emily H

"I just love this place! It offers different modalities of healing from Yoga to Meditation to Reiki to Human Design! You can feel the power behind this space and everyone in it. Definitely stop by to check out their shop on the bottom floor or their events on the second!"

Mandy C

"Annette Spangler’s Intro to Kundalini Yoga was a wonderful experience. I felt rejuvenated after the class and the next day. The Harmony Wellness Collective is warm and welcoming. A wonderful addition to the area."

Sandy M

"From the moment I walk in the front door of Harmony, I am aware of an energetic shift. Having so many healers and pillars of light in this place creates quite the potent environment. Smiling faces and compassionate hearts are always there to welcome me in. For the past two months I have been working with Harmony's Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Maya. I, myself, have been called to energy work and shamanism, so I was excited when I met Maya and felt she had an authentic connection with healing through Shamanic energy work. My sessions with Maya have been powerful. When she opens her channels of healing I can feel the energetic presence shift all around me.


I trust her connection to healing and feel a great sense of movement and lightness when I come out of sessions with Maya. I feel tangibly different after each session, which is not something I have always experienced with energy work. Following - and sometimes during - session, Maya will share any images or messages that came through her channels, and often what she shares connects the dots for what I was feeling and experiencing, unfolding alot of "aha moments" which have led to greater release or trust in my intuition and path. I see Maya every two weeks for consistent care as well as energetic maintenance, as I am also an energetic healer and need to care for myself more diligently. I feel grateful to have met Maya and am excited to know she will help many others in her path.


I am not surprised that Harmony Wellness Collective attracted Maya, as she is a perfect fit for the vision and purpose behind this collective's role in Kitchener Waterloo! I cannot wait to see what workshops and events will be offered next!."

Natasha A

"The Collective is on point. It is a beautifully thought out space for all healing to take place. The idea of all practitioners working together is exactly what this world needs. This place is limitless. You must come to experience it."

Annette S

"Really enjoyed last nights Kundalini Yoga class with Annette. Today I feel invigorated physically and emotionally. I am definitely attending more sessions. Thank you!!!!"

Lynn C

"Harmony Wellness is the only place in Kitchener that offers treatments from vast number of talented healers. Focusing on trinity of the Mind, Body and Spirit is such a welcomed break from using traditional Western Medicine which treats the symptoms of the disease and treats the physical body separate from the mind and spirit.

I tried Rapid Transformation Therapy (Mind) with Jessica Sloan, Nutritionist Consultation (Body) with Juliana Leamen as well as Shamanic Reiki healing (Spirit) with Maya Atsiz and Reiki Session (Spirit) with Tasha Allain. All were transformational and aided in my healing, balancing my energy and helping me in reaching my goals.

Every individual I worked with ensured that I had practical solutions to take away and they checked up on me to see my progress. I can say that I have learned so much about my mental, physical and spiritual health from them! The beautiful space which is evolving and growing is becoming more and more welcoming, embracing the visitors and providing them with the sense of serenity through beautiful art, jewelry, plants and crystals. Treatment offices have unique ambience that aid in the healing process and staff is genuinely carrying. I can see Harmony Wellness as a precursor to the new type of Wellness Center that will shape the future of the health system. Getting to the root cause and transforming lives happens not only by treatments, but also though educating the participants to address the cause of the disease so that true healing can take place. I highly recommend it!"

Izabela L

"My favourite and one of my first memories of harmony wellness collective was watching jenn, the catalyst, climb over the handrailing that overlooked the open area and on to the wobbly scaffold while wearing a dressy outfit in order to take a picture of the group of incredible people who were about to join her.

Not a few days later, Jenn was again on the scaffold- this time applying the first coat of the rich brown interior that embraces the space with warmth and earth tones. 


The space has come a long way since then, every time I walk in the atmosphere shimmers with a welcoming tone. I have had the chance to obtain priceless gifts from their artisan's as well as receive tremendous care from their practitioners.

I received a psychosomatic energy reading from something called by the REBA machine which measures subtle frequencies emitting to the body and how it responds to certain elements that may be linked to hidden conflicts within the body. This taught me about a way to improve my vitality through simple recourse with effective results.

One of the workshops I attended was a Talisman Pottery class that included intention setting for carefully stamped clay talismans. The whole experience was fun and reminiscent of my joys from childhood.

Another care provider I had a chance to receive from was Maya Atsiz. There is little words available to describe the experience but everyone around me noticed a significant sense of calm and relaxation that emanated from me.


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