Adam Fridenburg RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)

Restorative Care and Pain Management

Adams affinity for the healing art of massage therapy was nurtured through family bonds. An injury, experienced by a member someone close to him led him to an opportunity to providing support by exploring self-massage techniques for a discomfort which was left untreated.  This propelled him into learning more and delving into his career as a massage therapist, with a goal to help people simply feel better!

He graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2013. Tall in stature, this allows him to offer a deeply penetrating massage experience, relieving stress and tension that may have been carried for years. Deep tissue massage is an area of expertise for Adam, as well as carpel tunnel syndrome, prior to surgery with surprising results!

He focuses in on joint mobilization, fascia adhesions and scar tissue to release old holdings and increase overall mobility.  Further, acute joint pain and back or neck kinks are handled with ease given his years of experience at the massage table! He understands the importance of creating a safe space for people to come as they are, share how they feel and work together to move through the limitations the body is presenting. 

Adam understands joint mobility and structures more in depth due to his own experience with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which offers him an incredible degree of stretch!! His own journey has led him to work with chiropractors through this experience to better understand and maintain good form and proper structure. This is translated through in the services he offers and how massage therapy can act as a compliment for many different people and experiences.  


Adam allows the patient to lead the treatment... Some enjoy the solace of quite time, while others enjoy full conversation and exchange! 


Online billing with Telus Health, Greenshield, Blue Cross, RWAM, and Claim Secure are available for services through Adam.

Adam Fridenburg is registered and in good standing with:




Friday       2 pm to 8 pm

Saturday  2 pm to 8 pm 


Adam offers expertise and practical focus on:

Joint Mobilization

Restoring movement to joints through sustained (held) and oscillating (back and forth) movements between 2 bones (Gr 1 -4) * grades of mobilization refer to if the bones move within their current ability, slightly beyond their current limit, and beyond their current limit (using low velocity)


Fascial Adhesion Release

Adhesions in fascia (aka connective tissue) can come from repetitive movements like sports, desk work, crafts/piece work or a result of previous injury where new tissue would develop to prevent excessive motion. Through releasing these adhesions, patients can find restored movement and a great relief from a sense of lingering discomfort within muscle tissue.

Scar Tissue Release

Similar to adhesions, scar tissue is largely made up of fibrous connections with the body's intent to limit movement and prevent further injury. Over time, this tissue can build up and prevent healthy motion of joints which can lead to muscle pain, increased risk of muscle strain, and joint related issues.


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